Monday, December 22, 2008

Qld pedophile swam with boy: police

A notorious pedophile has allegedly breached the conditions of his release by swimming in a waterhole with a 13-year-old boy.

Mark Anthony Foy, 47, was taken into custody on Thursday night after allegedly breaching his supervision order the previous day.

Documents filed in the Supreme Court in Brisbane allege Foy was swimming in a disused quarry at Chuwar, west of Brisbane, when he was spotted by police.

The documents show police had chanced upon him when they noticed his empty car at the entrance to the quarry.

A registration check revealed it was Foy's, who was flagged as a person of interest, the documents state.

It's alleged police walked down to the water where they found Foy swimming and chatting with two boys aged 16 and 13.

Under the conditions of his community-based supervision order, Foy is forbidden from having contact with children under 16.

He briefly appeared in the Supreme Court on Friday and was remanded in custody until a hearing into the alleged breach can take place.

No date has yet been set for the hearing.

It is the third time Foy has been returned to custody since he was released from prison on a Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act supervision order in January 2005.

He returned to jail in March 2007 after being caught selling morphine to an undercover police officer and then spitting in his face, and again in November that year for talking to two children aged 12 and 14.

Foy served four and a half years' jail for offences against nine children aged between six and 12.

His supervision order does not expire until January 2015.

AAP 19 Dec 2008

Another CLEAR EXAMPLE of how the Australian Law system Fails to protect children, and technically is in support of the CRIMINAL. It just let out a pedophile into the community.

Smacking a child will be against the law soon, but a letting out a sexual predator to molest children WILL / IS supported by the law.


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