Friday, January 14, 2011

Gloria Jeans - No Free WiFi

One of the perks of being able to sit down at a multinational's 'food' chain, is to be able to enjoy their product, with the added bonus of using a FREE WiFi connection the establishment offers.

Gloria Jeans was just such a place.

At one of their franchises, you could sit down, turn on you WiFi enabled gadget and enjoy their coffee from the so called 'farmer aware' program, meaning that they are aware that the farmers are slave driven to produce 'cheap' coffee on a global scale.

This was a thing of the good ol' days.

No more free internet.

The reason for the loss of free internet given by G.J. is that the service provider went broke.

In Australia, there is definite politics to leave the masses in the telecommunications STONE AGES.

Mobile phone plans, land line leases and call rates, internet, and all things regarding telephony, are amongst the most expensive in the world.

One of the reasons is due to Telstra's 'monopoly' in the industry, irrespective of the presence of the other telco's, Optus (Virgin), Vodafone, Hutchison, etc.

Many airports around the world have free internet, restricting users to a slower speed, also with a time limit per session.

It is not the likes of the Australian public to sit at Gloria's and download Gigabytes of pirated movies songs or other software, but rather to do a few quick email checks, maybe a weather application or two synchronising, or a sneek in google maps on who's where.

The politics of the people in power is NOT to give the masses any 'freebies' but rather keep them oppressed, and rip the consumer off with expensive data plans.


Rups said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, let me say that again with another Blogger profile ;)

A typical techno climate for a techno primate. The ancient industrial days are over, yet, woe is the psyche of
industrial hacksaw and monkey wrench management.

There's this hype buzz going around Australia, that people actually use this thing called the Internet. Could be a rumor but be sure they'll stand and gaze it for decades before approaching.