Thursday, February 10, 2011

53 patients injected with same needle

Fifty-three people on the NSW Central Coast could have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis after they received injections using the same needle.

The 53 patients and two staff have been advised to undergo testing for the serious diseases after they received blood tests at the Gosford clinic of PRP Diagnostic Imaging, the Daily Telegraph reported.

A nurse mistakenly believed a blood sugar testing device called Accu-Chek Multiclix automatically replaced the needle after each injection.

Instead the device, which contains several needles in a replaceable drum, needed to be switched manually.

The foul-up meant patients at the clinic used the same needle between November 28 and January 28.

A letter sent to the 53 patients advised them they should be tested for HIV and hepatitis.

"When I opened the letter I felt like I wanted to fall on the floor," an unnamed patient told the Telegraph.

"These are some of the sickest, most vulnerable patients whose immune system is already compromised and we have to be tested for HIV and hepatitis — and then wait for three months to do another test?"

PRP chairman Michael Jones said the chances of infection remained "low or very low".

"It was very regrettable and we are extremely distressed it happened," Dr Jones said.

PRP Diagnostic Imaging is the largest private radiology company in Australia.

9 Feb 2011

Gross negligence. They should be sued and NOT allowed to operate.

In Australia, the law is set up in such a manner that you as an individual have NO rights to hold these people accountable for their actions / mistakes.

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