Friday, February 25, 2011

Carbon Offset - Government supported fraud

The government started an initiative where the public were 'urged' to "Carbon Offset" their vehicles.

The government help set up new companies with public funds where people would put in monies in the belief that those companies would be doing something for the environment, for example planting trees, etc.

Instead the companies taking government and public funds invested the monies for personal gain, defrauding the government and the public.

These companies were set up by the cronies of the government in preperation for fraud.

It was heavily promoted by the government on television advertisements to "Carbon Offset" your vehicle.

There has been an eerie silence with respect to the mass media reporting these companies to the general population, as well as government silence as to the proceedings of criminal investigations into the companies directors.

The government has blatantly supported the "Carbon Offest" 'tax' fraud.

What other fraudulent schemes does the government support with respect to the Carbon Tax?

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