Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crime Gangs, the politics, the authorities.

In recent mass media news a few of the Victorian crime families have made it to the front page of the news services.

Some of the more prominent ‘business’ families that made the spotlight are the Moran’s, Williams’ and the Chaouk’s. These families are well established suppliers and distributors of drugs and other criminal activities and are well known to the authorities.

The mass media makes out that it is a surprise not only to the authorities but also to the news agencies that these families have amassed huge wealth from the proceeds of crime, which is illegal in Australia, taking into account that the authorities allow these people to operate their criminal activities for over 30 years in some cases, and most importantly are fully aware of their financial wealth.

There are many more families involved in criminal activities that are also known to the authorities. These crime families vary in ethnicity from Asian to Middle Eastern imported migrants, to the new wave of African criminals. These are purely facts, but any dissecting of nationalities is generally considered as racist by the mass media.

Under no circumstances can any government or authority say that they are not aware of the key players in the industry.

The operations of these crime figures is widely known within the authorities, as the technology used by governments to track / trace criminals is well established across many disciplines.

Specialist software is used at various levels, and rolled out to key financial and government installations to monitor track and alert the activities of ‘persons of interest’. Also specialist hardware is used, which the general populous are not aware exists.

A simple example of such technology used is that of location tracking via cell tower triangulation to within an acceptable level allowing the use secondary surveillance. Police have arrangement with telcos to obtain this kind of information and do so on a more often basis (breaching privacy laws) than reported by the media.

A timely example of how well organised the crime gangs are is that sometimes there is response to an action that the law has taken against those gangs. A police officer may be slain in what appears to be cold blood, with no apparent motive, as these people were ‘good officers’. A hit man may be brought in from interstate to do the job, then whisked away. A hit may vary in price from $2,500 upwards, depending on the target. As a result it is ‘understood’ the major players are to be left alone.

Authorities are involved in liaison with criminal organisations at various levels of society, from the kickback taking Constable who does not instigate criminal proceedings against the smaller fish, to sports persons, lawyers, politicians and judges who are either ‘unofficially’ on the payroll, or are being blackmailed.

An unnamed person involved in politics was interviewed by corpau, and it was mentioned that the politician is unable to stray from the policies of the employer or their Masonic Lodge, as their family will be put at risk, as a result for not listening to an order, which can be carried out against them at a later point in time.

Some well known businesses operate as a cover for the drug syndicates.

The drug industry in Australia is worth an estimated $18 billion per year (or 1.2 billion per month).

The politics is also quite clear and simple, in that they (the gangs) are left to themselves to sort it out, i.e. the killings etc, as this is a directive given from above. Only once the carnage spills out into the public eye, then there has to be some action taken to ‘appear’ as if something is been done.

There is also an understanding with the mass media that not everything is reported including police corruption associated with those gangs.

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