Monday, February 21, 2011

Football Heros - Real Life Losers

In recent news in the mass media, there has been an unprecedented focus on what the mass media calls " Football Stars", and their of field 'antics', which in some cases are criminal are dismissed.

There are many names in the Australian Football League (previously Victorian Football League - VFL), that have made it into the spotlight.
Some of these players are involved with criminal gangs being supplied with drugs, and there is NO jail time.

If the general population was apprehended with the same behaviour, drugs / fighting, etc, then there would be jail time served.

The law and the 'institution (AFL) work hand in hand NOT touch the players, in order to keep the peasants coming back to the game.

The politics is quite simple, the AFL is a 'church' which cannot and will not be brought down. It is a far too great money making industry to be brought down, or even implied that there is fraud or illegal activity within.

It is solely and only based upon the fact to put 'bums on seats'
VFL was created, to keep the working classes amused on the weekends. Over the century it has grown into a 'religion'.

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