Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gaga at breaking point

It was undoubtedly the week of Gaga. Arriving at the Grammys in a giant egg, in which she claimed she’d spent the previous 72 hours in getting into character, she performed her new single Born This Way and went on to win three awards.

The track has shot straight to the top of the US Billboard charts, while in terms of downloads for a first week, it’s the highest-selling for a female artist in history.

With a coveted US Vogue magazine cover and eccentric appearances on prime-time TV shows (including one where she dressed as a “human condom”), Gaga was everywhere. But it was also a week of drama and controversy for the 24-year-old.

Arriving at a Grammys after-party at the L’Ermitage Hotel in LA, she wowed fellow guests, including Beyonce and Jay-Z, with another performance. But as she began partying, her night unravelled. Guests say she stripped to her bra and appeared unable to speak.

“She seemed completely out of it at one point, barely aware of where she was,” says a source. “She looked so vulnerable but no one could persuade her to leave; it was all a bit sad.”

The singer says she drinks whisky and smokes pot throughout the writing process, and friends say the completion of her latest album has completely consumed her to the point of collapse.

“She pushes herself to the limit and she’s on the brink,” says one. “She goes from being totally high to crashing down and falling asleep halfway through conversations.

“Her parents are really worried and are seriously looking at rehab options for their daughter. They know she likes to do everything to excess but she has so many problems at the moment and she needs help.” 21 Feb 2011

Entertainment Trash in the guise of the likes of Lady GaGa, are nothing more than puppets of the Hollywood Financiers.

This so called "Fame Monster" is a very carefully planned and executed campaign to extrude as much money as possible from the youth of the masses.

ANY publicity is good publicity.

As depicted in many satires, you HAVE to go to rehab, from drugs, the drugs that 'Hollywood' supplies, and there are NO arrests as to the suppliers.

GaGa depicts Anti-Christian images, trans-gender sexual images, lesbianism onto the impressional youth, in order to desensitise the morals, and to cloud what is acceptable by society.

If the images were portrayed in an 'Anti-Semitic' manner there would be a global out cry.

Its is CLEARLY acceptable to be Anti-Christian.

This is the politics of the financiers behind the tools like 'Lady GaGa'.

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