Friday, April 1, 2011

Authorities know what apps your using on your iphone

The iphone is one of the MOST marketed mobile phones in recent history.

It is touted as a phone that 'you' can do anything with, and as the global marketing kings say: "There's an app for that".

What the general populous may NOT be aware of, is that the telcos (hence authorities) also know what apps are on your phone and most importantly where you are EXACTLY.

Many might say "so what!!!", or "I have nothing to hide!", but that is not the point, but rather you are losing your Civil Liberties.

The iphone has an onboard GPS (Global Positioning System), that is accurate to within meters. It has been long known within the telecommunications industry that a general location of a digital mobile phone can be established.

There have been cases where mobile phone users have called for help in life threatening instances, BUT have received NO help from authories, as they claimed they did not know where the caller was. This is done deliberately in order to not let the general populous know that the technology exists to track people. As a result lives have been lost needlessly.

In an article recently (19 Mar 2011) posted at redmondpie:

AT&T knows you are using a jailbroken iphone

illustrates this fact.

CorpAu has also reported (in 2009) that Golden Circle (Australia) tracks their workers unbeknown to them (illegally - a jailable offence), via their Motorola GPS enabled smartphones.

see article:

Nothing has been done, and Golden Circle has not seen court time even though they have acted illegally.

Again, the same law applies differently to the masses and to the corporations.

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