Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Quake - Government Lies

It is NO secret that in governance there are lies (fraud), deception, as well as money for mates schemes whether it be trough the Masonic Lodges or top level business cronies making deals between themselves that steal money from the public.

No governments are immune whether they be from the East or West, Democratic or Dictatorial, from the widely critised regimes to the so called 'pristine' governments.

Government fraudulently forge data to support a particular policy of the day or to conceal the truth to introduce new policies or laws befitting an agenda, hidden or publicised.

With the recent events of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the government has lied.

According to an article from, it stated that :

From there, conditions steadily worsened, although government and nuclear officials initially said things were improving. Hours after the explosion, they contended that radiation leaks were reduced and that circumstances had gotten better at the 460-megawatt Unit 1. But crisis after crisis continued to develop or be revealed.

This has clearly shown that the government has covered up the extent of the damage done.

This is NOT good enough as the people concerned need to know accurately the extent of the damage as to implement the necessary procedures according to the risk level.

The government has CLEARLY put the public at risk for providing FALSE INFORMATION.

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