Monday, March 14, 2011

Kyle Sandilands - Australia's Biggest Loser?

A recent story in the mass media reported about Kyle Sandilands health problems in an article:

Kyle feels pressure, rushed to hospital

In the article is quoted:

Sandilands was taken for treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital, where he spent “about four or five hours” and received new medication for the high blood pressure condition, which can be associated with being overweight and headaches.

Kyle got through most of the day’s taping but was feeling unwell and couldn’t finish the day,” a Seven spokesman confirmed yesterday.

He’s home and resting up.” Minogue and McFadden yesterday filmed Talent without Sandilands, who has previously spoken about smoking a packet of cigarettes a day while drinking 30 coffees and eight litres of Coke.

Unless he is sponsored by coke to drink the carcinogenic fluid, and if it is true what the article mentions about drinking habits, he drinks 8 litres of coke per day he is on his way to the Darwin Awards.

In the 1970's and 80's Coke was called Battery Acid, describing its acidic properties when dropping in a 1 or 2c Australian coin (made of copper), into a glass of Coke, would strip it of oxidation and leave it as shinny as the day it came out of the mint.

Australia's media focus of 'heros' is people who act (or in reality are) like losers. They have to have this 'shock' component in them to woo the plebs.

Sandilands is well known for his foul mouthed on air displays, also being a self opinionated and self proclaimed 'super star'.

A new show being aired on Australian T.V is called "Winners and Losers".

Australia is all about LOSERS.

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