Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Warriors - Ferrari Number Plates

Here is another example of the same law, "one for us and one for them".

It is law in Australia that a vehicle must have affixed number plates that are registered to it, both front and rear, that are visible.

In this case a Ferrari is on the road with only a number plate from the Middle East, whilst displaying a registered plate on the rear.

There are MANY scenarios that are presented before the Australian Courts, that are 'mysteriously' dismissed.

The reasons are many, some legitimate, some obvious, and some not so.

One of these NOT SO OBVIOUS reasons, is that the accused belongs to the Masonic brotherhood, and since they MUST help their members out, charges are mysteriously dropped.

This happens in all aspects of the court room, from road fines, right up to the High Courts of Australia regarding crimes from murder to Corporate Fraud.

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