Thursday, March 31, 2011

Road Warriors - Government Policy

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Road Warriors.

During the everyday life of people, we come across some drivers that we see, and their actions that we witness as plain and simply MORONIC and STUPID.

Some of these actions endanger the lives of others and some only the driver.

Whilst it may be true in certain circumstances, it is widely promoted by the government and the mass media that speed is a killer, in order to obtain easy money from the masses.

If the government was serious about reducing road deaths, then more police would be put on the job to combat the driving habits that lead to death rather than the revenue raising schemes employed to surprise speeding drivers.
But that is an expense and does NOT RAISE REVENUE.

AS a result at least 1/4 of the drivers (if not more) on the road would be taken off, but that would have adverse effects on the revenue raising associated with bad driving.

Government Policy.

The government's policy is to hand out drivers licenses as used in the Australian colloquial term 'from the back of a Corn Flakes packet' in order to create an economy, that flourishes from the revenue raised by 'bad' drivers.

The purpose is NOT to educate the drivers on how to drive but rather to give the license, so that they are on the road as soon as possible.

A classic example can be seen in the new migrants that have come to Australia, with very little or no automotive driving experience in their own country of origin.

When they are 'given' the license, they put themselves and others at risk, by not being able to be in command of the vehicle. This can be seen in their poor driving skills, poor judgment of distances, lack of parking skills etc.

These people on the road are an invaluable asset to the government, as they provide the much needed taxes associated with the purchase of vehicles, fuel, creating accidents which keeps the economy going, and the like, BUT most importantly FINES.

The government knowingly puts these 'high risk' drivers on the roads at the expense of public safety for the sole purpose of REVENUE RAISING.

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