Monday, March 28, 2011

School cleared of condoning bullying culture

The western Sydney high school attended by the teenager famed for slamming a bully into the floor has been cleared of condoning a bullying culture.

The NSW Department of Education has cleared Chifley College of ignoring playground attacks, despite the principal allowing more than 60 incident reports involving Casey Heynes to stack up, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Fifteen-year-old Casey Heynes became an online sensation when video appeared of him throwing year seven student Ritchard Gale to the ground, after seemingly being provoked at his school.

In interview with Channel Nine's A Current Affair, Casey claimed to have written up to 70 incident reports to the school about bullying.

A department spokesman said Chifley College principal Tim Jones would not be disciplined because he had done nothing wrong.

"Students who are subject to repeated bullying receive regular specialist and individual support," he said.

"The school supports students who report being bullied. The students are supported by a full-time counsellor, additional year advisers and peer mediators."

The media has been restricted from asking questions directly of Mr Jones or any teachers at the school about Casey's complaints.

But speaking on the condition of anonymity, a school source told the Daily Telegraph Casey's incident reports had been ignored.

"The incident reports don't go anywhere — they just stack," the source said.

The department spokesman said every report filed to the principal had been addressed.

However, he provided no details as to how these had been addressed, or how many reports had been received, but said the school had several ways to resolve instances of bullying including self-esteem programs, counsellor intervention and support and learning plans.

The spokesman remained adamant the school had done nothing wrong and had no need to overhaul its response to bullying.

27 Mar 2011

Another example of where going against the 'system' results in FAILURE.

The school was aware of the bullying years prior to this very public event.

The school system created for the masses is to keep the peasants in their place.

This is a classic example of it is executed. The school cannot be found 'guilty' as this would mean 'compensation', and will allow other families of bullied victims to claim.

Teachers also turn a 'blind eye' of rather turn their back on bullying when it happens in the school ground in order not to get involved, hoping that the children will sort it out amongst themselves.

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