Sunday, May 1, 2011

Corrupt police fining motorists supported by the courts.

One of the greater silences in the mass media, is the corruption of the Anglo – Masonic legal system, and its victims.

Mass media headlines usually say that they do not understand why logically won cases have been lost, all too aware of the influences that the ‘brotherhood’ has in these matters.

The judicial system favours its members often dismissing matters where non masons are involved, as lack of evidence or just plain and simple dismissing with no valid reasons given.

In recent times Police have mounted an assault on motorists fining them for allegedly speeding and other road offences fraudulently.

Police are under pressure to be an ‘asset’ and to make money for the government, thereby falsely fining motorists, at an alarming rate.

The government has issued millions of dollars in fraudulent fines against the masses, BUT this information is kept strictly confidential in order not to cause unrest in the masses.

Many motorists are unaware that they have been ‘illegally’ fined, and are deliberately kept in the dark with respect to the information given to them, and are maimed into silence

The court system in structured in favour of the police, and this can been seen with its actions.

The processing of fines is once example of how the court system works solely toward its benefits.

The payment of offences is processed immediately, whereas if the motorist wishes to contest the fine it is done later in the day. Most people resign from fighting the fine as the whole day is to be spent in court, resulting in greater financial losses.

When the motorist fronts court, cases are dismissed by the magistrate in favour of the ‘system’ or police.

If judges give away too many verdicts in favour of the motorist, their livelihood can be under threat.

Many a road offense has been sorted out at the lodge BEFORE the due court date.

If the motorist on the rare occasion has proved to be in the right, ANY inconvenience is not paid by the system to the plaintiff.

If you inconvenienced the authority or court financial judgement is made against you.

Magistrates who are aware the police have made fraudulent statements against motorists do not reprimand the police officers involved, but rather dismiss the matter.

Corpau has documentation that shows police and the court system in Victoria and New South Wales is corrupt against the motorists.

The naming of the officers and magistrates involved serves no purpose as they are ABOVE the LAW, and only endangers the whistleblower involved.

The system does not hand out verdicts against itself.

Corruption is rife and will continue to be so, with governments and police denying any such allegations to be true, and anyone who exposes this will be dealt with accordingly by the government, with the first text book step of public character assassination


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