Sunday, April 10, 2011

Credit Card Debt Employers New Friend

It has been figured out a while ago that one of the best ways to enslave people is to give them freedom, then they will enslave themselves.

Governments have tried to obtain information about the personal lives of people, with any information given with reluctance.

The masses now 'spill their beans' with amazing detail via their interaction on social network sites, to which all have access to including governments.

One method of enslaving people is financially. Enter the new world of the credit card.

Another way to keep the masses subdued is to make them slaves to their finances, which they created themselves.

Enter the new world of Credit Card Debt.

Employers need assurance that their workforce comes to work. One of those assurances is that their employee has a reason to come to work.

An employer has mentioned that the stereo type:

  • bald overweight family man of wife and two children will be assured to coming into work as he needs the money to support his family,

  • the young aspirational with a new car and all the gadgets

What the employer then does is to 'screw' the employee financially by giving them the lowest salary, rather than what the position description rewards.

Employers have a common mentality that is quite concerning that it preys of the vulnerability and 'misfortune' of others.

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