Saturday, April 23, 2011

McDonald's Rock in Burger Hush Money

There have been quite a few horror stories as to what customers have found in their Junk Food purchases.

Recently, a woman was eating a burger she had purchased from McDonald's when she took a bite into it and chipped her tooth. The cause of her tooth being chipped, was found to be a rock in the burger.

In order so that the mass media outlets do not get a hold onto the story, and a subsequent inquiry into the food handling practices by the Food Standards Authority of Australia and New Zealand, McDonald's paid this woman Hush Money, which was later used in part to purchase a new vehicle.

Many Junk Food outlets breach the Food Standards codes, in terms of cleanliness, and the serving of food at the correct temperature.

Certain pubs in Melbourne also have food inspectors on their payroll in order NOT to breach them, (for example) for serving food whilst there was smoking allowed on the premises.

New laws have been put in place since, that state that no smoking is allowed inside enclosed venues.


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