Sunday, April 10, 2011

Melbourne The Sports Capital of the World

Melbourne is promoted and advertised as the Sports Capital of the World.

Melburnians are said to be SPORTS MAD.

It is debatable whether the image is created or the said events are real, as they are promoted by government and mass media alike, but one item is for sure that it is a precise agenda from a political perspective.

One of the primary objectives of governance is to keep the masses subdued.

The focus is to keep the masses from revolting, by keeping them at a manageable level.

This is achieved in many ways and on many levels.

Some of the methods used are outlined below:

  • Financially impairing the population so one cannot escape one's socioeconomic status,
  • Keeping education away from the masses (e.g. making it financially difficult to learn),
  • Creating social unrest within the population, (e.g keeping crime at a specific level),
  • Distracting masses from politics, education, focusing on entertainment irrelevancies,
  • Keeping the masses occupied with heard mentality (football, cricket, Holden vs Ford).
Sport has been an integral part of population since the beginning of organised society.

Australian Football League (the AFL, nee VFL (Victorian Football League)) was created in the working suburbs of Victoria by the politicians and law makers of the day to keep the working classes amused on Sundays.

Sport is a necessity for the working classes as it gives an outlet, which appeals to the primal instinct in us that modernisation and governments are slowly taking away from the male species.

If the masses did not have an outlet, then the build up would be taken to the streets in destructive force, which is not to the benefit of any government.

In recent news the AFL has been in the spotlight for various reasons, from its players acting like morons off filed, or be it real life losers, to management sex scandals.

No matter what sort of fraud, illegal drugs, sex scandals or book making fixes, etc are or will be exposed, the corporate Goliath of the AFL will never fall.

Many a time the hard core football followers are seen by many alike as drop kicks (colloquial term for morons), or very low level of intelligence.

These people are the most precious to any government as the heard can be easily led.

The media (
government) will always treat the sports 'hero's as 'GODS'.

In the public education system, SPORT is promoted as your 'ticket' to success and NOT education.

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