Monday, May 9, 2011

Australia importing dole bludgers

The term ‘dole bludger’ is derogatory term used to describe someone who is on unemployment benefits from the government, with little or no intention of obtaining work.

Australia is a welfare nation by default. The Australian government has a high percentage of its people on benefits, from sickness, pension to unemployment. Various sources quote various figures and even the governments own figures are misleading regarding the unemployed. The current unemployment rate according to the government has decreased to 4.9%.

The government deliberately falsifies the results depending on the agenda of each political party or policy that is to be put in place. Financial Industry analysts use the figure of 9% as their ‘real’ figure.

To compound to the ‘crisis’ Australia imports a significant amount of ‘dole bludgers’ who siphon from the tax paying Australians.

This is a deliberate move to create ‘cheap’ labour for the future and is supported by the government and businesses alike.

The ‘politics’ of this are steered well clear by the mass media, with only the focus being on people who are ‘dole’ cheats, and NOT how the system is putting the middle class Australians into poverty.

The real 'dole bludgers' are the current wave of migrants which in reality Australian society does not need.

Some of these people breed to obtain government funds, and with a gene pool of over three children, their government benefits are greater than if they were to work of a living in the low paid blue collar jobs.

Some of these people are housed up in their ghettos, and result to a life of crime, to supplement their income.

Australia imports a high amount of low class migrants, which once house in the ghettos result to a life of crime to supplement their income. This is a well known fact to authorities and especially police who deal with these matters everyday.

The mass media deliberately dos not report on the organised crime rackets (for example) in the Melbourne suburbs of Broadmeadows, Sunshine Footscray, Noble Park, Dandenong, were the low class imported migrants reside, as this would be called racial profiling and therefore seen as racist.

The government has failed to safeguard its citizens, by importing criminals into the country.


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