Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Convicted rapist jailed again for violent attack on sex worker

A CONVICTED rapist who served more than four years for his crimes has again been jailed, this time for violently bashing a prostitute.

Zynal Khan, 27, admitted punching a sex worker in Melbourne on November 1, 2009, four months after the end of his parole for raping a woman in 2003.

In the County Court, defence lawyer Julie Sutherland said Khan acknowledged his offending was "cowardly and brutal". Khan was jailed in 2004 for a minimum four years and two months for raping a female passer-by on a footpath at Thornbury in Melbourne's north while cars drove past.

He was released in September 2007 on parole, which finished in June 2009.

Judge Pullen had "guarded optimism" for Khan's rehabilitation prospects and jailed him for four years, with a minimum of two years and five months. He has been in custody since the latest offences and will become eligible for parole in about seven months.

He had pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury. 14 Sep 2011

Another endless example of how the law 'deliberately' fails the commoner.

The law treats victims with contempt, but officially the words from the judges mouths are that these actions are 'deplorable'.

The politics is to let this trash out into the community to re offend, which they do, to create destabilisation amongst the masses.

In a further assault on the community at large, Australian politicians knowingly import criminals into the country in order to keep people terrified.

Zynal Khan Male 27 Victoria, profile on :


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