Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Water bill fraud labeled bungle or hiccup

In recent corporate media news, it has surfaced that the water 'authorities' fraudulently charged customers when they were not only not entitled to, but also when forbidden so by regulations.

Melbourne's water has been privatised in line with global policy to rid governance of all responisibility for providing utility supplies to the masses.

In another slap in the face to the general populous, the corporate media reported that the 'authority' would not refund the $230 million fraudulently taken from account holders until 5 years.

When an employee finishes work at 5:10pm and writes 5:15pm in the timesheet, an employer has the right to sack that person for theft, and even the right to have that person charged.

If a customer steals a paper clip from a newsagent / Officeworks or any other stationary retailer, then the company chrages the person with theft, and this is recoreded against their name.

When companies steal millions of dollars from customers authorities label this fraud as 'bungles' or 'hiccups', and not only no one is held accountable but no charges are ever laid.

The legal system is organised in such a manner that fraud by 'authorities' is supported.

An interview with a member of the legal profession, indicated that there should be a penalty applied to the water 'authority', as there have been many breaches.

Since authorities do not fine 'authorities' there will never be any repercissions to fraudulent actions.

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