Thursday, August 30, 2012

Melbourne traffic jam caused by authorities

It is no surprise nor is it ‘news’ that Melbourne’s traffic congestion is regarded as Australia’s worst, which it has been for many decades, despite it being allegedly the most ‘livable’ city, amongst high unemployment, high house prices, falsified (read high) crime figures and (boat people) ethnic criminal ghetto pockets.

Governments are quick to blame (point the finger) at the population for traffic congestion, therefore putting in laws together with cutting lanes from major arterials into the city, that limit the movement by vehicular transport.

When overseas consultants (town planners) are invited from Germany, to offer solutions to the authorities about Melbourne’s worsening traffic problems, when they offer a realistic solution (one the government does not want to hear), they are quickly sent packing on the first plane back. If the same policy applied to migrant criminals, then Australia would be a much safer place to live in.

Only recently have the authorities admitted to failures in town planning, Melbourne’s Docklands, and another project that involved turning Asylums (for the insane) into learning institutions.

The town planners involved in the failed Docklands project should not only be sacked from their positions, never to work in the industry again, but be barely given the chance to clean the toilets in shopping malls with their personal toothbrush.

Corpau has been recently made aware that in Melbourne, a traffic jam on one of the city’s busiest arterial has been caused by the government in peak hour traffic.

Most freeway work is done either off peak or at night, to have the least effect on traffic flow.

A screen capture of a video shows how Melbourne’s busiest freeway, the Monash freeway, was cut back from 3 lanes down to 1, whilst workers not only worked at a deliberately slower pace than their normally slow pace, i.e. 1 worker digging, and 4 workers supervising, but they were also laughing at the traffic congestion caused, as commuters drove past.

This traffic gridlock occupied many kilometres of road, with commuters having to almost be standstill for over an hour.

This ‘news’ was curiously omitted by the government sponsored corporate media, in order not to alert the masses of this government ‘conspiracy’.

The government sets up deals that are ‘Money for Mates’ scams that involved fraudulently put forward tenders that favour the intended recipient of the works contract.

Having the traffic flowing also contributes to less carbon dioxide emissions, rather than having thousands of cars standing still idling away, also creating hotter localised temperatures, therefore contributing to Global Warming, a deed that the government allegedly is committed to reducing and not increasing.

Another pathetically executed government project.

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