Thursday, August 30, 2012

Power companies and authorities monitor your moves at home

In an effort to monitor and control the movements of the masses, the authorities are coming up with more ingenious methods, supported by rushed laws under the ‘criminal’ or ‘terrorism’ banners, and now ‘national security’, or in the more publicly accepted format for the ‘benefit’ of the public
Devices that are currently used to track movements by governments and corporations are:

  • standard GSM phones (non smartphones),
  • smartphones, 
  • pocket wifi routers (even without a sim), 
  • Apple devices, 
  • Melbourne’s controversial myki public transport electronic card, 
  • etag (road toll) electronic transceiver, 
just to name a few.

Now power companies have the ability to know who’s home, when, and what they use, via the forcefully (by law) installed monitoring device, the smartmeter.

 This information can be also used to burgle premises when the occupants are not home.

Power companies will be able to turn off devices via the Smartmeters, once those devices hit the consumer marketplace, as being the norm.

This will naturally be packed as a ‘benefit’ to the consumer in that they will know how much their device is consuming in the ever so finely tune ‘green’ revolution hitting the world.

How can anyone oppose the going ‘green’ political catch phrase that is going to save the planet from destruction?

Home automation, or turning off individual appliances is not a new idea, and has been available to the general populous in various guises, one of which is X10 (developed in 1975 in Scotland), and is currently a favoured option for new dwellings built for those who can afford it. A typical home automation package can cost in the vicinity of $50,000.

Adelaide residents have been warned that during summer, the power companies wish to turn of the residents air conditioners, in order to ease demand from the grid. Instead of catering to an ever growing population, authorities are stifling resources to the masses.

It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 42C+ (107F+) in Australia’s cities. The elderly, frail, or very young can experience extreme difficulty to such high temperatures, even in some cases being life threatening.
If a power company turns of a resident’s air conditioner, which results in death, will they be held accountable for murder? Probably not.

Corporations now are telling the masses that all this monitoring equipment is for their (who’s – consumers or the corporations?) benefit.

Smartmeters also emit cancer causing EM Radiation, a fact that is deliberately withheld by authorities.

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