Monday, August 13, 2012

WikiLeaks' website under attack

THE secret-busting organisation WikiLeaks says it's been the victim of a sustained denial-of-service attack which has left its website sluggish or inaccessible for more than a week.

The group said the assault intensified around the beginning of August and has since expanded to include attacks against affiliated sites.
Denial-of-service attacks work by overwhelming websites with requests for information. WikiLeaks has said it's been flooded with 10 gigabits per second of bogus traffic from thousands of different internet addresses.
Josh Corman, with online content delivery company Akamai, characterised that as "a bit larger" than attacks commonly seen in the past few years.
WikiLeaks, which has angered officials in Washington with its spectacular releases of classified US documents, remained inaccessible yesterday. 13 Aug 2012

With the exposure of government atrocities and embarrassment on a world stage, comes retribution from the authorities.

Instead of focusing on the crimes committed in the surfacing of the information, a global attack on the publisher is undertaken.

Authorities can and do get away with killing innocent people on a global stage and there is nothing anyone can do,

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