Monday, December 9, 2013

Smartmeter media reporting ban

In Victoria, Australia in certain circles 'smart meters' are a hot topic with clearly polarised opinions regarding the technology, its health risks, and the privacy issues concerned.

In various other states of Australia, as well as in the United States of America, the implementation is advertised as voluntary, yet in Victoria the claims are that the installation is mandatory.

There has been a certain amount of coverage in the corporate media on the topic of smart meters up to a certain point with some 'misinformation' or rather incomplete reporting.

Australia's corporate media, which is dictated by three families, is a government lap dog conducive to the policies of the day of whichever government is in power, structures reports in such a manner that the reports are given the green light by the higher authorities.

Ever since the advent of 'people power' via the internet and more so with 'reporting' of facts or occurrences in raw format without being edited by the media, there can be another more realistic point of view being put across.

This is definitely the case via storage repositories like YouTube, where people can upload videos.

Information has been obtained by corpau with regards to the topic of smart meters where the  corporate media has been instructed not to report on this matter or interview certain people who have the ability to expose the fraud of smart meter installation.

Melbourne radio station 3AW was to interview a person who removed a smart meter from their property, as was a prominent newspaper publication.

The newspaper publication withdrew with the excuse there was no funding to interview the defiant citizen, but immediately went to take photos of Rihanna at a Melbourne café.

A prominent Melbourne barrister was banned from taking 'smart meter' cases.

Victoria's Minister for Energy and Resources, Nicholas Kotsiras has received, numerous letters from various sources which have been responded to via a template, providing false or rather misleading information. 

Nicholas Kotsiras should be sacked from his position never to work again.

In a nutshell over 2 Million Victorians have been duped (even 'forced') into the installation of smart meters.

It is very doubtful if any class action lawsuit will ever see the light of day in the corrupt 'Anglo-Masonic' legal system.

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