Friday, February 7, 2014

Two Queensland police officers charged with rape

Two Queensland police officers have been charged with raping a woman while on duty.

The two constables, aged 28 and 29, will face Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday in the wake of an Ethical Standards Command investigation this week.

The alleged incident involving two on-duty officers and a woman took place on Sunday morning, and was reported to police on Monday afternoon.

Both men have been charged with five counts of rape and one count of assault with intent to commit rape and deprivation of liberty.
The officers have been suspended from duty.

No other information regarding the alleged assault has been released. 7 Jan 2014

More 'police' (corporate) scum from the 'sunny state'.

With the corporate media supporting the concealment of the names of the individuals, where if it were 'cannon fodder' who were the criminals, they would be named.

Another corrupt corporation the Queensland Police department.

There are many examples of police harassment, of which a viral video posted on YouTtube called:
queensland police harassment at:

has been viewed over 636970 times as of this post.
Queensland Police Service is a registered company with the ABN of 29 409 225 509, with the motto "WITH HONOUR WE SERVE"

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