Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Melbourne riot goes unreported

Gone are the 'good ol' days' for good.

The world of today is fast paced and most of the first world's populace live in an era of information overflow.

Common terminology suggests that people are catagorised into 'generations' X (born 1966-1976), Y (born 1977-1994), Z (born 1995-2012), where previously a generation is considered in 25 year increments, i.e. 100 years being 4 generations.

Communication plays a vital role in society as it is able to change the course of events, some significant and others totally meaningless.

A fair few generations ago the Rothschilds used their courier network which was quicker that the news media's of the day to commit fraud on the stock exchange.

A 'generation' or two ago, information was totally in the control of a selected few that influenced the herd population.

Today, one can be a witness to a beating of a woman in a third world country, record this event on their 'smart' phone, upload the video to a social media sharing site, and then others can take action collectively, e.g. ring the local authorities en masse.

In Australia the corporate media, is in control by three families, Murdoch, Packer and Stokes, where the media is the official government lap dog / propaganda tool.

No matter what the truth / evidence suggests the corporate media push a government agenda (hidden or not) to the slave populous.

(illustration: Photo of riot in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, over the Easter period)

In Melbourne, Victoria over the Easter period, there was a 'riot' in the northern suburb of Brunswick.

Not too long ago there was a media frenzy over the killing of Irish woman Jill Meagher while walking home from a pub in Brunswick.

A heraldsun reader from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne commented that no one mentioned their daughter's rape and subsequent murder, not long prior to Ms. Meagher's murder.

Brunswick has a high migrant population of various ethnicities, ranging from the older established European Greek, Italian migrants to the newer African continent migrants including 'refugees'.

According to eye witnesses the 'riot' on Brunswick's Sydney Road involved black African youths in the magnitude of 200 or more, that were armed with weapons including batons, baseball bats, metal bars, a machete, having the intent to cause damage showing signs of great hostility.

The altercation appeared to involve Lebanese Muslim youths that were greatly outnumbered and on the retreating side.

This is not just one isolated incident, as there have been many 'disturbances' throughout Melbourne's suburbs where there is ethnic/racial/religious tension between the migrant communities, goes (deliberately?) unreported by the media.

There have been many racial attacks instigated by 'black' African youths against 'white' Australians, but the corporate media would have the masses believe that only 'white' Australians 'suffer' from racism.

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