Saturday, May 2, 2015

Australia's fascist dictators tell you what to use and when

Australia is truly a Mecca for corporate criminals, who evade tax, where corporations rip customers off with literally no 'penalties', just slaps on the wrists, and contrary to law were monopolies rule.

Under the deceptive guise of one word called 'government' Australia is actually run by a fascist system, consisting of a conglomerate of corporations, to the financial detriment of the general populous.

Australia's utilities were public assets, as a result all Australians enjoyed moderately priced services for water, gas and electricity with moderate periodical increases.

These public assets were sold without public consultation (a referendum) to overseas corporations (by a government operating criminally) and consequently are in the hands of "Financial Terrorists", with price rises designed to bring in astronomical profits to pay the CEO's multimillion dollar salaries, not reflecting the true quality of services provided.

In Victoria, there has been many an article written with regards to the controversial installation of the 'smart meter', where the 'authorities' claimed that it was 'mandatory'.

In other states e.g. South Australia, it was not mandatory for the customer to have a 'smart meter'.

The government had a contract with the supplier to install the meters (which was mandatory), but most customers were conned/mislead/bullied into the installation, where it was NOT mandatory for the customer to accept this meter.

Many succumbed to fear, threats, physical violence, and even those who did not want one, it was still installed, in breach of Australian corporate laws.

There should be a Royal Commission into this, but this will NEVER happen.

This was done, as a first phase to increase the profits of the electricity companies, and NOT to save the customers any money whatsoever.

Customers also had to pay for the smart meter.

Water and gas meters are next on the list to be replaced with 'smart meters'.

Now that the first phase is complete (only a small percentage of Victorian households do not have 'smart meters'), the rip off begins, under the banner of 'you choose' when to can use you appliances.

You are NOT forced, when you can use your dishwasher, drier, oven or even air conditioner, according to YOUR lifestyle, but you WILL be penalised financially.

This is literally a form of extortion, coercion once again an action that is criminal according to 'their' laws, but allowed by corporations.

Another example of fascist rule, is that in recent news, you may be allowed not to vaccinate 'your'* child, but you WILL be penalised $15,000 per year.

Is it really that difficult for people to see that this continent is a new age Alcatraz?

* - A child registered within the state is a property of that state. 

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