Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB S6 Edge 64GB Aussie retailer's rip off

In this new age of order for the entire world, where slavery has no boundaries, occurring under the banner of 'globalisation' or even 'refugees', where most of the world's products are made by corporations setting up slave labour camps in cheap labour countries like China or India, at this moment in time, why is it that Australian 'consumers' ALWAYS get ripped of blindly by corporations / governments when it come to purchasing products?

Take for example on band new out of the 'box' Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB model.

This is supposed to be Samsung's 'flagship' model, which does not include a removable battery or even a memory card slot (usually micro-SD), what a (deliberate) step backwards.

Form an Australian retailer Officeworks, the price in the illustration above shows that a Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB model retails for $987.

The SAME model phone from Verzion in the United States, retails for $US599, where at the current exchange rate of 1.2553, it works out to be AU$752, approximately 31% more.

The price comparison for the S6 Edge 64GB in the US v AUS is US$799(AU$1002) v $1285, or 46% more.

In the US there is a $100 difference between either 32GB and 64GB models.

A 32GB micro SD card, from a popular PC wholesaler retails for AU$16 (US$12.75).

It seems like Samsung is deliberately limiting users from having the option of using their own (cheaper) storage, in favour of an 'upgrade' to the next model.

A class action lawsuit waiting to happen in the U.S.

We do not recommend the purchase of the new Samsung S6, for lack of removable battery, no micro SD, and the OUTRAGEOUS price for a 64GB phone for nearly $1,300.

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