Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SA court suspends term, imposes $100 bond on Daniel Paul Gillard who traded the worst category of child pornography via Kik app

Daniel Paul Gillard leaves the District Court today after receiving a suspended sentence
Daniel Paul Gillard leaves the District Court today after receiving a suspended sentence for multiple child pornography offences. Picture: Mark Brake.
A MAN who traded the worst category of child pornography online, including images of babies being sexually abused, has walked from court with a $100 bond. 

Daniel Paul Gillard admitted collating and transmitting 279 images and videos, some involving sadism, over 12 months using the online messaging app Kik.

Today, District Court Judge Geraldine Davison dubbed his crimes “very serious”, saying a “strong message” must be sent to deter both him and others in the community.

She then suspended Gillard’s 15-month non-parole period on condition of a three-year, $100 good behaviour bond.

“You are a young man with no previous criminal history, you have embarked upon a course of counselling and rehabilitation (and) have supportive parents,” she said.

“Despite the fact that these offences are very serious, I’ve come to the view that there is good reason to suspend your sentence.

“(The suspended term) is a long time for a young man to be in jail ... the only way to ensure you don’t end up there is to commit no further offences and comply with the bond.”

Gillard, 22, of Prospect, faced a maximum 12-year jail term after pleading guilty to multiple basic and aggravated counts of both possessing and disseminating child pornography.

The court previously heard he turned to child pornography after breaking up with his 14-year-old, US-based online girlfriend as a way of combating depression.

Gillard had admitted experiencing “a rush of excitement” whenever he received a new image from his perverse trading partners but denied being sexually attracted to children.

Judge Davison said she found that denial “difficult to accept” given the nature of the material.

“Five of the images, and one video, were classed (by police) as category five child exploitation material, which is the most serious category,” she said.

“That category involves children under the age of 14 depicted in sadism, bestiality, humiliation of child abuse.
“The majority of the images were of prepubescent females, from babies to the age of 10 or 11 ... they were very graphic, troubling and disturbing.”

Judge Davison said the courts must “send a strong message” of deterrence to Gillard and like-minded offenders, emphasising child pornography was “not a victimless crime”.

“The fact you also disseminated material of children under the age of 14 puts your offending into a different category from a person who possesses it alone,” she said.

“It’s because this material is disseminated throughout the world that this industry continues to flourish.

“It’s because of people like you that children are forced to commit these acts ... in some cases they are drugged, or might even be unaware they are involved.”

Judge Davison said she would have imposed a four-year jail term if not for Gillard’s admissions, and reduced his sentence to two years, nine months and two weeks.

That term, and his 15-month non-parole period, were suspended on condition of the bond. 17 Jun 2015

This is a real example of judges supporting paedophilia, via the actions of the 'judgements'.

South Australia is apparently the paedophile capital of Australia linked with some of the states most key figures including heads of state.

Australia is truly a criminals paradise. 

Another corrupt judge to add to the list.

In Australia you can end up in prison for not paying a 'fine' for traveling at 2km/h over a 'speed limit'.

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