Monday, July 27, 2015

Here's a handy chip - Corporate Slavery 101

So in order to enslave the plebs even more, the corporate world (naturally) thought of the next best thing in order to eliminate the corporate promissory note, commonly referred to a 'money', with a great new invention, OBVIOUSLY for the benefit to the consumer, that being the implantable microchip.

Adding even more credibility to the task at hand (pun intended) it was not injected to some moron from the masses, but a (credible?) professional, in the I.T. industry.

The politics(?) / "Conspiracy Theory":

In order for the herd populace to follow, the thinking behind the task at hand (pun intended) is that if he ( the I.T professional) did it, it must be safe/okay/good or whatever else.

So is this ass clown a paid corporate shill or just another moron from the masses??? !!! ???

N.B: Wearable 'smart watches' are easily susceptible to hacking

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