Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Should our Constitution recognise indigenous Australians?

The Rupert Murdoch media has asked the some people a question and published it in their Herald Sun publication, under the section called VOX POP.

The questioned posed to the masses was:

Should our Constitution recognise indigenous Australians?

as seen in illustration below:

Some people may say:

"Do we have a constitution?".


"What's a 'con stee too shyn'?".


  • The Australian Constitution is our (the people's) friend.

  • The Australian Constitution is no longer taught in schools from the 1970's.

  • The Australian Constitution IS a valid and current document that mandates how the government MUST behave.

  • Once you read the Constitution you may realise how the 'government' misbehaves, in particular the judicature, which is in Chapter III of the Constitution.

  • The Constitution is a document EVERY Australian should be familiar with.

Some people may not even be aware that an entrenched 'British' law from 1688 or 1689 depending on which Act, is also valid in Australia called the Bill of Rights.

One thing is for sure is that when it comes to the Australian corporation conglomerate (nee government) and calling on the 'we the people'  for a referendum with regards to the Australian Constitution, they (the government) are definitely NOT doing it for the benefit to the people.

This is done with careful selection of words put to the people in order to make a vote on, for the benefit of the corporation conglomerate and NOT the people.

You can download a copy of the Australian Constitution in a document called:

An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia [9th July 1900], where the Constitution is contained in Clause 9 at:

It is also available from:


You can also obtain commentaries to the Australian Constitution by John Quick and Robert Garran in a document called:

The annotated constitution of the Commonwealth by Quick and Garran at:

This is one of THE most important documents in Australia that the people can call upon in law.

DO NOT let the corporations take it away from you!

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