Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Greek Financial Crisis for Dummies explained?

So in a nutshell, for the layperson, serf or pleb who may not understand what's happening in Greece.

Greece apparently racked up a (fictitious) debt with the IMF (International Monetary Fund), physical money the IMF never had, and a loan the organisation knew Greece would not be able to pay back.

As a result the whole place has gone bust.

The blame (by the corporate media) is on the Greek people being lazy, not paying their taxes, etc.

Diverting attention from a country a little more west of Greece where a figure of $16 million (approx. a decade ago) in aid per day is given from the just taxpayers of the United States of America, a figure 'gifted' to the 'chosen people' NEVER to be re-payed.

Are these people the real leeches of society that the corporate media never brings up to the attention of the 'plebs'?

How much is given from Australia's mining industry, for example from the tax free profits from the Australian gold mines to build communities on occupied land?

Why has Germany deliberately not repaid Greece the trillions of dollars it owes from World War II?

So what's Greece going to re-pay this fictitious debt with?

Will they be forced to pay it from their priceless artifacts, or is it about the Aegean oil???

The results will speak for themselves soon enough.

A DELIBERATE financial destruction of Greece.

The land of Poles is also on the hit list.

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