Friday, August 28, 2015

Why Australia's PM Tony Abbott should be dismissed

Apart from being (deliberately or not) an absolute moron in public, an (alleged) criminal, in the form of a budgie smuggler, and a total tool giving the impression of not being aware of anything in politics, according to the "PARLIAMENT of AUSTRALIA he should NOT be in office.

It's NOT because he has a striking resemblance to the TV icon 'Strop' played by John Cornell, of the famous Paul Hogan show, it's because he has dual citizenship.

But will his colleagues oust such a good little subservient puppet they put in office ??? !!! ???

Most likely NOT!

With reference to a case that the legal community is all to aware of namely: Sue v Hill, dual 'citizenship' contravenes Section 44(i) of the (Australian) Constitution.

  • Heather Hill was elected to the Senate in 1998. Her election was challenged in the High Court on the grounds that she held dual citizenship of Australia and the United Kingdom. The High Court in its 1999 decision, Sue v Hill ([1999] HCA 30), agreed that the dual citizenship made Heather Hill s election invalid because it contravened section 44(i.) of the Constitution.

 So another (alleged) crim in office, and NOTHING is being done.

Stay tuned to the Bachelor instead... It'll make you 'feel' good.

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Phillip Kahle said...

I don't have a problem if the people have multiple citizenship within the Commonwealth. That's what the principles of a Subject is, someone under the Monarch for the Protestant umbrella, not the Pope's.