Monday, September 28, 2015

Unlikely Headline - Public transport strike, footy fans hit the books learing law

In order to keep the heard population occupied the authorities have just about thought of everything.

From reality TV shows which are not only fake, but any so called 'scandal' is pre-programmed, to pretend wanna be star shows, which you the home viewer will NEVER be, to useless competitions where the winners have already been selected, it looks like they've got it all sorted out.

The authorities even cranked out a public holiday on Friday the 2nd of October, to make sure that it will be easier for the cattle to attend the 'footy' grand final the next day.

But, once in a while there is a spanner in the works.

This year public transport (read the cattle shuttle) might even come to a grinding halt, if the unions have their way for a wage increase.

Could this be possible?

Even if that DOES happen, what are all the plebs going to do?

  • Will they read a book?

  • Will they take an interest at what laws are going to get snuck in through parliament?

  • Will the plebs comprehend that they are being governed by a corrupt and criminal government?

In any event the following picture is probably totally unfamiliar to most, that being of a library, the New South Wales State Library to be exact.

One could find a wealth of information in the Government Gazettes there....

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