Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Australia Day - 40 years of Martial Law

Many country's people around the world celebrate major events like the independence of a nation, in honour of victims of war, celebrating the dead and many more occasions that are specific to each nation's people.

The 26th Day of January was the day chosen by the 'authorities' for the plebs of Australia to celebrate a day called 'Australia Day'.

What does this day really signify?

Many people (especially Indigenous 'Australians') will call it Invasion Day, definitely a day NOT to be celebrated.

It's the day that the 'First Fleet' arrived in 1788 to begin an 'economic project' on this Continent with a ship load of 'convicts' (you know people who stole bread, because they could not feed their family due to the economic oppression by the 'authorities').

Then the slaughter of the Indigenous inhabitants began with full support of the British Monarchy, you know the descendants of the current Queen - Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Please note also that the so called royalty of Europe was inbred where Queen Victoria is the Great Great grandmother of both Queen Elizabeth the Second and her husband Prince Philip, who are also cousins.

So what happened really happened when Captain Cook (not 'came to town', but rather) made towns.

Well without going into a 15 to 20 page document on the event's we've put it into a meme:

Martial Law was installed (officially) for 40 years, until 1828.

If you know what event ceased that state of Martial Law you can write it in the comments of this post.

While people may think or have the perception that Tony Abbott is a moron, etc one thing he did say publicly (or even let slip?) was that "Australia was started as an economic project"

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Anonymous said...

People need to put into context that the Aborigine population was really small, like 20,000. Other words the Australian continent was pretty much no mans land. Where there was a meeting of the Aborigines and the New Settlers, it started pretty respectfully and only changed if there were battles or stolen livestock etc.

It was a big mistake for them to accept Mabo claim, and maybe to ask to be Subjects.

Unknown said...

A very insightful article however I'm unsure on the point of cousins relations as it has nothing to do with the actions of the royal family. Please ensure that relevant facts are put into articles. I would also like to point out that it was not decendants of the current queen that made those horrific orders as they were not alive then.