Thursday, April 14, 2016

Australia - The Zombie Nation

There is much ado about nothing in many social media circles with relation to people standing up for their rights against the corrupt and criminal actions of people in a place of business called the "Australian Government".

Every single day the people have fraud committed against them by the very people that are allegedly governing the nation on the people's behalf.

This fraud and corruption is worth literally billions of dollars annually.

So what are the people doing about it?

Literally nothing.

The herd populace is too busy.

Too busy doing what exactly?

Well there's a plethora of reality TV to keep one addicted and put in one's place (on the couch).

Then there's the footy season to keep the 'Simpletons' with one beer in hand and remote in the other glued to the idiot box.

Not to mention all these other distractions the keep the plebs squabbling among each other, drawing away the attention from your right being eroded right before your eyes with draconian laws 'enforced' on the plebs.

There are many ways to gauge the 'health' of the people of a nation.

One way recently was used by researchers by studying the shopping habits of the general populous.

There they saw that "Much of our daily life involves habitual autopilot behaviour".

They also saw that when in that mindset people crave faster and simpler service interactions.

Since figuring out who and how "we" are being oppressed requires one to step out of the "autopilot behaviour" the oppressors can keep oppressing.

So when is this going to change?

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