Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Convict past behaviour of Victoria Police comes out as they bashed and stripped a policewoman.

Lest we forget that Australia's police 'force' started off as convicts, you know criminals, just really really good behaved ones.

What was their job?  - To keep the convicts in line, subservient and docile.

Fast forward 228 years, and has anything changed?

Well the police still beat the general populace, who have been (arguably - in law) elevated from convict status, to serfs, into submission, keeping them docile and subservient to corporate rule.

 Also know that the police are part of the executive, meaning that they work for the government (now a corporation conglomerate).

The police are not public servants, as may be the common misconception, nor are they your 'friend'.

They answer to corporations and not you.

They are literally allowed to get away with assault and even murder.

As in the good ol' days the general populace are the enemy.

These are not conspiracy theories, but rather facts in law.

As in a very well publicised case, Corinna Horvath v Victoria Police, where VicPol bashed Ms. Horvath 'senseless' to the point that she could not remember the events of the day.

It took Horvath 20 years to obtain 'justice' but not in Australia but rather from the international court.

You, the serf will never obtain 'justice' as in law this country is still a penal colony of the British empire.

In law apparently you are supposed to use an equal opposing force against your assailant.

Did the Senior Constable Steven Repac, the 95 kilogram officer use an equal opposing force?

There are so many charges that can be brought against Repac.

Let's see how 'justice' is served.

Make no mistake that Victoria Police are a criminal organisation supported in their actions by a corrupt Australian government.

From the article of 23 May 2016 by the Heral Sun publication of the headline:

Policewoman stripped naked and bashed in footage shown to anti-corruption hearing

A POLICE officer was stripped naked below the waist before male colleagues kicked, stomped and stood on her, shocking footage played to an anti-corruption hearing shows.

The public Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) hearings, which started in Ballarat this morning, are examining a series of complaints against 158 Victoria Police officers based in the city.

It is twice the number of complaints lodged against officers in Frankston, a similar-sized station.

Counsel assisting Jack Rush QC said the hearings would examine four incidences in which police are accused of using excessive force.

The Herald Sun reported today one of the alleged victims was a serving police officer who was humiliated by other officers, pepper sprayed before being placed in a hot shower - which exacerbates the effect of the spray.

The officer was on leave on January 14, 2015 for personal issues, and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

The woman was involved in a scuffle with Sgt Renee Hulls after she grabbed the officer’s lanyard. A whole can of pepper spray was then used to subdue the woman known as Person A.

Footage played to the hearing showed the 51-year-old woman being stripped while handcuffed, left naked from the waste down while male officers stood on her legs.

“She was kicked, stomped, a stood on,” Mr Rush said.

Senior Constable Steven Repac, the 95 kilogram officer caught on CCTV kicking and standing on the woman’s bare legs in heavy police boots, said his actions were justified.

“I stood on her legs for the purposes of securing her lower body,” Sen-Constable Repac said.
But Mr Rush accused Sen-Constable Repac of giving false evidence.

“As a passing insult, you kicked her as you left,” Mr Rush said.

The woman was later left in a cold cell with no pants or blanket and drank water from the toilet.
She was released after 16 hours - 12 hours longer than people usually arrested for drunk and disorderly.

Sen-Constable Repac agreed he had been investigated by Vicpol internal affairs but the complaint was ‘not substantiated’ and he was allowed to return to work.

Ballarat police are accused of about one in twenty assault complaints lodged against officers in Victoria between 2010 and 2015, about three times the state average.

Police command raised concerns in 2009 about the high number of complaints in Ballarat and its response will be a key part of the week-long hearings.

“Regrettably time has not seen an improvement,” Mr Rush said.

“Complaints have remained constant and high.”

Mr Rush said of particular concern was the high number of assault complaints lodged against senior officers including sergeants in Ballarat.

The hearing continues.

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Not one of these Coward,Bully and thugs has been charged as a direct result of this case!