Thursday, May 26, 2016

'Free' public transport voucher but what's the real cost?

You roll out of bed on what ever day you decided to get up and eventually take the arduous task of 'walking the plank' to the letter box (that's another post altogether) to see what bills await you.

On this day you do not owe any 'cash' (corporate promissory notes) to the utility companies the Australian government [unlawfully] sold out from under you.

By this time you are thanking your religious faith's supreme being creator, be it called an Allah (Moon 'God'), Elohim (Hebrew 'Gods'), Jesus (a Greek scholar marketed as the son of a 'God'?), a tree 'God' or even a bovine 'God' (how blasphemous art thou Hungry Jacks/Burger King!!! !!! !!!).

Instead you find an nice little folded up piece of coloured paper that looks like the following:

Woo Hoo !!! !!! !!! 

Free travel voucher you see.

Your inner skeptic (if you have one) may say - "nothing is for free"!

You inner inquisitive instinct (if you're not part of the herd populace)  may tell you to turn the pages and see what's on the inside.

Lo and behold!!! - You see 2 (two) free travel vouchers.

Your eagle eye notices that you MUST provide your name and other personal details to obtains your two free trips.

Your internet connected fridge may tell you that this journey will be of a value of $1.95, as you are subject to a concession price.

Referencing your fridge browser to:

What you are aware of is that this sum is deducted from your c'est que vie trust.

Bit of a bugger that the corporation conglomerate government does not tell you this - WHEN YOU ARE BORN !!! !!! !!!

Also note that all your movements are to be logged, monitored and later modified, as they are supposed to be on a penal colony.

Do not make the mistake that (in law) this is a 'free country'.

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