Monday, May 16, 2016

Why does the Australian government cut funding for people in need of legal help?

So here's the deal.

The corporate media reported that last year there were approximately 10,000 'criminals' who missed out on legal aid being unrepresented in Australia's (Roman code) court system.

It was also stated that Britain spends twice as much funds per capita as the Australian government does for its 'criminals'.

As people should know there is that historical tie to the Monarchy, hence the corporate media's obligatory comparison to mother England.

What the peasants/plebs/commoners may not realise is that according to 'law' they are residing in a penal colony of the British empire.

Strict liability and absolute liability are implemented in the 'administrative' courts of Australia.

According to the law makers of Australia, when you get a parking ticket, and elect to take the matter to court, it is listed as a criminal matter and not as the alternative a civil matter

You are a CRIMINAL if you do not pay your parking fine issued unlawfully by a 'city council'.

You are in the same category, as a polygamist, thief, murderer, rapist? 

Does that sound like a law of a penal colony or a nation of 'free' men?

Now logically, as a government/business, would you want to pay for someone who is going up against you ??? !!! ??

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is a criminal in Australia. Get used to it.
Second, England ain't running you no more, so get over the Queen, bitch.
C, If you had your socialist way even Kangaroos would run out of toilet paper, like those in zoos in Venezuela.