Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Can you change the corporate media's glorifying of ex-PM's?

When it comes to accidentally misleading or deliberately false reporting of information the corporate media could be king?

Forget the 'conspiracy theorists' or others with 'tin foil hats', who may have obtained information  that is contrary to 'mainstream' politics, they're just rubbished or their character is assassinated by the government sponsored lap dogs.

One may even read a small and insignificant line 'the conspiracy theorists were right and we were wrong' somewhere?

Let's put this in perspective to the (treasonous) heads of Australian politics.

Recently (21 October 2014) the corporate media glorified how Gough Whitlam was such a great person.

ANY senior law researcher or (truthful) constitutional lawyer should be able to tell you that anyone holding office in parliament should be charge for treason.

ONE of the most unlawful acts carried out by Whitlam was the introduction of a fictitious entity called the 'Queen of Australia'.

Don't take 'our' word for it, just ask the corporate media, their research is impeccable!  

Bet you the corporate media will not tell you that (scum bag) Rob Hulls unlawfully removed grand jury from our courts.

So before the old hawke (see illustration below) becomes prey to the grim reaper, any person from the masses care to share the treasonous actions of the (womaniser/cheater/drunk/all round 'mug') ex-PM (Robert 'Bob' Hawke)?

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