Friday, June 17, 2016

eJustice coming to Australia your friendly penal colony

In Australia we have too many criminals roaming the streets where authorities cannot nab them.

The corporate media people will tell you these criminals are 'fine' dodgers, but (deliberately) neglects to tell you that fines in Australia are unlawful.

When you park your horseless carriage longer than what a statutory body tells you, you receive a fine, unlawfully. If you do not pay this fine the matter is listed as a criminal offence in a place of business/commerce/trading called a 'court'.

As a result we have millions of 'criminals' in Australia.

In a certain period in time you had to have a licence to operate a viewing device that received radio frequencies.

In another point in time you had to have a licence for transmitting radio frequencies of audio spectrum quality of no greater than 5 watts.

Fast forward a few years and the government still requires you to register your mobile telephone  / sim card before it becomes operational.

Now, with the advent of smart phones, you are required to register your apparatus via an internet email account which can be hacked.

Your contacts/calendar is no longer personal, nor private and confidential, but rather the data is now available to be abused by others.

The myth that 'your' data is secure is exactly that - a myth.

For many years now the 'authorities' have been wanting/needing/requiring your mobile phone number and email address when filling out forms.

Because there are so many people that are dodging unlawful fines, the government (read corporation conglomerate) is claiming on missing out hundreds of millions of dollars annually in (unlawful) revenue.

Any person involved in the legal industry should be able to tell the lay-person that law is fluid, and changes as society changes.

e-Justice (Electronic Justice) will be a new delivery mechanism in the near future.

In the European Union it is 'advertised' as a 

"future electronic one-stop-shop in the area of justice".

In Australia have the people the right to not go into a 'shop'?

Can you have a choice of not buying?

Will the Australian advertising slogan be:

"If you can't come to us, we know where you are anyway, so we'll deliver it to your phone"?

While technically people can come and go as they please from the continent known as Australia, once you're on it then it's a different story.

Australia, at law, is still a colony of the British empire, which is reflected by the penal colony laws implemented and not of a (true) democracy or remotely a place of 'free-men'.

The occupiers have not signed a treaty with the Indigenous people, as they have in New Zealand with the Treaty of Waitangi, hence the different standing of law in this country.

Currently, there is no mandate in any law in Australia that states that you must provide your mobile phone number or email address.

Stay tuned for eJustice to your smartphone or email address.

Australia - Alcatraz v2

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