Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Microsoft forces you to download its Windows 10 operating system

What can only be described under Australian law as deceptive conduct (which then gives the user the right to sue) on Microsoft's part is the way it forces users to upgrade their current operating system without a choice.

How can you really trust a company that forces you to do something?

We recommend users that have been effected by the Windows 10 upgrade to register a class action lawsuit against Microsoft in Australia.

It's not that difficult to do.

Here's what one user had to say about the matter:

For those who are still using Windows7 or Windows8 - it seems Microsoft are still trying to force Windows10 onto people, whether you want it or not.

If you have Windows Automatic updates on, it seems it will download it whether you want it or not. Originally if you installed Windows update KB3035583 then Windows10 would download (about 3Gig). If Windows10 downloads it creates a GWX folder on the C drive.  This update was then made to be an optional update but has since then been getting resent as an Important update. Also it seems if you haven’t installed windows 10 there is now another update KB3123862 which is apparently a clone of KB3035583 ( I haven't tried it I get that from searching about the updates). If you don't want Windows 10 it seems other updates to avoid are KB2952664 (Windows7) and KB2976978 (Windows8).

If you don't want windows 10 to download (and use lots of data) there are programs that can be downloaded to prevent it.

They are GWX Control Panel   or   Never10.

Other suggestions are that automatics updates can be turned off and be selective about updates and only install security updates

I give no opinion as to whether Windows 10 is good or bad, (or if the upgrade is good or bad) I haven't tried it and have seen reports both ways, I keep Windows 7 as I like it and I have developed programs on it.

Some of this could in some cases explain a lot of data being used.

I believe Windows 10 is supposed to be the last Windows version and there are UNSUBSTANTIATED rumours that, after most people are on Windows10, that  Microsoft will charge subscriptions and so it could result in a yearly fee for using Windows.

I provide this for information only and make no suggestion as to whether Windows10 should be downloaded or used that is up to the user to research and decide.

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