Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Penalised for no health insurance in a penal colony

The current government threat (read advertisement)  through the medium called television is that if you, the private individual, do not contract with a corporation that sells health insurance, which you may not even want or need, by the end of the financial year (30th June), you may be penalised by the Australian Tax Office, with a penalty called 'extra tax'.

The word 'may' in practice translates to will. 

Many people have been taxed, unlawfully over $700 for not contracting with a company that sells health insurance.

So much for the illusion of  'free choice.

Well technically you do have a choice, but if you say no to what we (the corporation conglomerate commonly referred to as a single entity called the 'government) tell you to do, we will punish you financially, for you decision.

You are given the illusion that you have choice, where in reality this government is a corporatocracy, a fascist state, as defined by Mussolini. 

This is the state of law on a continent that still is a penal colony of the British empire.

Health 'insurance', another scam the authorities are staying well clear of.

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