Friday, June 24, 2016

Victoria Police Commissioner concerned with increase in crime.

Last night the corporate media stated that the current Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton is concerned with the increase in car theft crime which is linked to gangs.

Has this come about as a result of the Australian government's deliberately slack screening process for migrants, and the policy to keep them in Australia once they are convicted of criminal activities?

The Australian government has imported gutter trash from various countries into Australia, where one can even be a criminal in one's birth country, burn their documentation including personal identification, claim 'refugee' status come into the country only to continue with intentions and actions where one leads a life of crime.

Most of this garbage comes to the state of Victoria, at approximately 1000 per week.

A Failure of Governance or just BIG BUSINESS for the courts, prisons etc, all at the expense of the general populous.

"Australia the Lucky Country"!!! !!! !!!

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