Friday, July 8, 2016

Aussies eagerly sell their purchase info for only 0.25% of their total spending

It's is absolute brilliant tactics from the minds of corporate geniuses to offer their (serf) corporate slaves a reward, like akin to when you give a dog a 'treat' (very little monetary outlay) for subservience, for information that is (theoretically) private and confidential between you and your bank.

Some people on social media may say that 'we' (the people) will be forced into a cashless society, but from what we see it's already in full swing with full support of the herd populace.

One example where people 'sell' their private and confidential information to corporations for (little) gain is in the form of 'frequent flyer' points or flybuys.

The companies that acquire your private information then sell it to other companies for 'research' and statistical purposes.

Let's take a look at what Coles (at the moment owned Wesfarmers) are doing today.

According to the current brochure (see attached illustration),

this is what Coles is offering for your private and 'confidential' information:

  • For every $2 spent in Australia (and $1 overseas), 1 point is accumulated in 'flybuys'.
  • When you redeem 2,000 flybuys ( $4,000 worth of spending in Australia) you save $10 instantly.

So when you spend $4,000 and 'redeem' it at Coles, you get a WHOPPING $10 deducted from your grocery bill.

That's a HUGE 0.25% saving, or you're selling you private info for only 0.25% of you total expenditure.

If you shop at other places than Coles you could be better off financially.

But we hear a cry from the back of the room - 'We get to travel to L.A. for free', from one of the herd populace.

We say "Good for you"..... "you're missing the point".

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