Saturday, July 30, 2016

Australian Census Online Login

The Australian government is in full swing propaganda mode with regards to the census, i.e television advertising.

Not so long ago, the Victorian population was duped by the government into thinking following government 'advertising' that it was mandatory to have 'smart meters' installed into their premises, whereas in other states it was an option.

So what lawfully enacted laws were passed that mandated you to have a smart meter installed on your premises?

While the government may have 'mandated' companies to install smart meters, the customer cannot be lawfully forced to purchase something they do not wish to have, an inconvenient truth the government has neglected to tell people.

In other words the meters installed on your premises may be been done so with misleading information, deception and even force, from the hands of government.

The government now is telling you that you MUST complete the census forms.

You may have received a nice piece of paper from a company called the ABS.

See attached illustration with red highlights to areas of concern.

The words highlighted are "Your moment to make a difference".

Do you really want to make a difference? Just say you do not. For instance you may wish to be left alone, and not participate in making a 'difference'. What are your options there?

On the right hand side of this piece of paper is a company logo of the ABS - Australian Bureau of Statistics.

An online search will indicate that this ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) has an ABN of 26 331 428 522, and also has a business name of Bureau of Statistics Western Australia.

So on the piece of paper the 'government' has given you, you have not been given all the necessary information (i.e. ABN), as required when conducting business in Australia.

Therefore you have been misled.

The letter has been generically address to "TO THE RESIDENT".

Now the same word in 'law' may have a different meaning to the word being used by the common folk.

Let's take a look at the word 'resident' from the Black's Law dictionary 2nd edition (see illustration below).

It says:

Resident. One who has his residence in a place. 
"Resident" and "inhabitant" are distinguishable in meaning. The word "inhabitant" implies a more fixed and permanent abode than does "resident;" and a resident may not be entitled to all the privileges or subject to all the duties of an inhabitant. Frost v. Brisbin, 10 Wend. (N.Y) 11, 32 Am. Dec 423.

Also a tenant who was obliged to reside on this lord's land, and not to depart from the same; called, also. "homme levant et couchant," and in Normandy, "resseant du fief."

At the bottom of the ABS document it states that "All responses are kept strictly confidential by law".

What lawfully enacted 'Act' is being referred to there?

Why is reference to this Act not published?

In certain other government documentation (e.g.) Centrelink states that it cannot comply with subpoenas with the according reference to law (see illustration below).

So why again are you being mislead by the Australian (or is it the West Australian) government?


  • Note that the letters asks you to go online, to fill out your census.

If you cannot go online, you are asked (read invited) to call a number to request a form.

  • What happens if you DECLINE their invitation for a paper form?

  • What lawfully enacted law (you know Act) can be used against you?

Seems like another dodgy attempt to obtain cross reference information they already have.

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