Friday, October 28, 2016

Australia is run by cheats and fraudsters

The Australian people are literally governed by liars, cheats and  fraudsters.

Even if MP's break their own parliamentary rules, they 'get away with it', and still keep their job and their high paid pension.

How is that action for "peace, order, and good government" (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act)?

That is a breach of public trust, it's misconduct and most importantly fraudulent.

From what the serfs are told fraud is a criminal activity, but you won't see police file a charge sheet against Steve Herbert will you?

Is he too, like many others, above the law?

It seems that the herd populace is not really concerned that their tax dollars are supporting Steve Herbert's dogs getting a personal limo drive to a 'forgotten' house.

Can you imagine a member of the herd populace, who 'forgot' to tell 'child services' that they had 2 or 3 children to pay for out of their weekly wages?

The money would be stolen from the account the next day.

When you allegedly owe money to certain entities e.g. child services or the tax office, they illegally steal the money from your bank account.

Just another action to tell the people that they do NOT live in a democracy, nor that they are 'free' men/women on this occupied land called Australia.

We guess that there is a plethora of reality shows, beer and footy that are more important than seemingly living in slavery.

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Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

I lived in Salisbury South Australia during the 1980's to beyond 2000. What all tiers of Government have done to poison and render many thousands of family homes uninhabitable has to be experienced to be believed.

Over that time I witnessed South Australian Governments play with public health & safety by redirecting billions of dollars of essential infrastructure spends elsewhere for political gain, at severe detriment to the innocent.
In short the Hellway Sal page on facebook illustrates an example of hoarding/redirecting in total almost a billion dollars while people are poisoned & killed.

I have also seen the blatant illegal corrupted processes assist foreign investment destroying lives under the guise as 'exporting education,' with the then Foreign Affairs & Trade Minister Downers full consent.

They are long term stories, deliberately kept out of a corrupt media, not too complex to fathom, but for those interested, welcome to how fully indexed wealthy criminals get away with it at our expense.