Saturday, October 29, 2016

Government creates unemployment then punishes people for being unemployed

There is no doubt about it that this country is run by 'mutts', a totally dishonest bunch (broken election promises?) in the business of politics and making laws for their slave population.

Some people may even argue that the people in government have to make laws for "for the peace, order, and good government" in accordance with a document called the Australian 'Constitution' (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act), but this document does NOT even apply to those people in the Australian Government, even though there is the existence of a place called the High Court of Australia, which interprets the law according to the 'Constitution', but that is another post or dozen altogether.

The people are oppressed for being unemployed by a system that created their unemployment in the first place.

Many people may not comprehend what the Australian Government actually is, that it's a corporation conglomerate with people in the executive who have business interests in the community.

How can the laws these people implement be impartial and 'fair'?

An official (government?) source of information is from an entity called the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), but it has been proven that on many occasions the ABS has provided false information, where at the end of the day you cannot trust the information they publish, as it may be deliberately falsified.

The ABS under the threat of extortion (an unlawful fine of $180 per day) engaged people in a non lawfully required task of filling out the 2016 census, where many posts (in accordance to law read Acts) have been posted on social media showing that no lawful requirement was ever made on the general populous to fill in the census.

The ABS also falsified housing data.

The ABS was incompetent with regards to providing online services for the census.

So, for what it's worth, according to the ABS the unemployment rate in Australia at the time of this writing is at 5.6%.

This figure is grossly inaccurate as one who has a doctor's certificate or in an educational training facility is excluded from the numbers counted.

We have seen documentation from the financial industry's analysts that show that they use a figure closer to 11%.

Some people have also claimed that there are over 1 million '457' VISA holders employed in Australia, where this can be claimed is false information, as there is a 'technicality' of other subclasses of VISA that being 485 or 444.

So it's just better to say that we have over 1 million foreign workers taking up jobs Australians need in order to survive and feed their families.

For simple mathematics purposes if Australia has 700,000 unemployed and 1,000,000 people are taking employment from Aussies, then we should theoretically have a surplus of 300,000 jobs that can be given to foreign workers after all the positions have been filled by the domestic population, but that's not what the people in government have implemented.

Therefore they want x amount of people unemployed.

As the government allegedly states it enacts the will of the people, since the people are not 'protesting' about this, the people are at enough at ease about these state of affairs.

Maybe there is too much of; the Bachelorette (poor me, can't find love, got to do it on tv), or my Kitchen Rules (I eat everything and everyone else can get stuffed), or  I'm gonna be a star (read corporate slave) one day maybe never, and footy and beer on tap to get off the couch.

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error error said...

They're plain and simple internationalists, not aligned to this nation and its people.

In many cases we are having our potential stolen from us.