Friday, November 25, 2016

Australian Government to monitor your every move via GPS car tracking

The time is literally here where the general populous are not able to leave their driveway without almost every single person's movements being monitored by the corporation conglomerate called the 'Australian Government'.

Currently anyone who has a GSM phone, irrespective of whether it's a smartphone or not it is tracked by the authorities, the only difference being that with a smartphone the user can also see the coordinates.

Cash is being slowly phased out in Australia, under whatever pretext, ah that's right for welfare recipients, because it's for their own good.

So now comes the time when the federal government is going to mandate GPS technology in all vehicles on our already paid for roads, and over taxed fuel, so that apparently road users get a better deal.

As if the government is going to let you pay less for something as time goes on.

Naturally all this technology is easily hackable, where the authorities will vehemently deny this.

Naturally this policy is allegedly for your own good, just like going cashless.

It's all about monitoring and then controlling the movements of the government's slave population.

We've already spoken to people involved in the legal industry, where the comments are that the alleged laws (read Acts) that are to be put in place are factually unlawful.

See article from today's newspaper:

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Anonymous said...

Definitely not compatible with common-law, like principles in Magna Carta and freedom, but the populace is already willing to be enslaved to meet a dialectic, like they're not terrorists, or they're a blue-collar tax payer and having nothing to hide. There's the free and then there's the merchants and their fenced herd/customers.