Saturday, November 19, 2016

Letter from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for census not a lawful request

Let's just flog the dead horse one more time.

This time with regards to the Australian Bureau of Statistics request letter for the company's 2016 census to be filled out by everyone every household.

Let's look at a simple example everyone every household should comprehend.

When you get a letter from one of Australia's largest business, an 'authority', a federal institution called Australia Post, that is addressed to "The Householder" of even if it was addressed to "The Resident", you are under no lawful direction / obligation to open it or enact upon the instructions / contents contained within.

Most people are aware that this form of letter (to the Householder) is classified as 'junk mail' to be filed in the 'round file'.

So why is a letter from a business called the Australian Bureau of Statistics any different?

It's not.

You have NOT been given any lawful direction to fill in the 2016 census.

For those who have filled it in and returned it, you have been conned.

For those who have not filled it in and consequently been given a so called 'fine', the fine is NOT lawful, and MUST be contested.

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